Know your needles, point forms and applications

Every three to four months, AP ORIENTAL, in cooperation with Schmetz Needles, conducts free needles seminars to strengthen both companies’ commitment to equip clients with the necessary knowledge on how to best use their products.

Staying true to this, Mr. Tarun Munshi from Schmetz Singapore flew in to speak about the different needles point forms in several garment factories from May 17 to 21, 2011, his second series of seminars for the year. Aptly entitled, “Know Your Needles, Point Forms and Applications”, Mr. Munshi shared the importance of knowing about the different kinds of Schmetzneedles.

Feedback has been very good from most of the first-time attendees, as they realized that even though they were using needles, they didn’t care to know the what’s, how’s and why’s.

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