Blades & Scissors

We have various blades in different sizes available in the shop, including BLADES for EASTMAN BLUE STREAK CUTTING MACHINES (and similar China brands patterned after this model), BANDKNIFE MACHINE, SU LEE END CUTTER, and also HANDHELD ROUND CUTTERS. We also have other blades like BUTTONHOLE BLADES, HALIFAX BLADES, and DORCO BLADES. Please call us to inquire.

Our scissors come in different sizes and are sourced from different parts of the globe. Aside from NIPPERS, we also have scissors from CHINA, TAIWAN, KOREA, ITALY, and GERMANY.

Other items related to cutting include CUTTING MACHINE SPARE PARTS, ABRASIVE BELTS and the like. We also have STEEL SAFETY GLOVES.

Please give us a call to inquire about these items as well as the availability.