Spare parts & machine accessories


We carry the spare parts and gauge sets for the following brands of machines:

  • Juki (Models 555, 5550, Mo-2300 series, LBH-761, MB-373, etc.)
  • Brother (Models 755, 814, 430)
  • Siruba (Models 747, F007, C007)
  • Sunstar (selected models and special order only)
  • Kansai Special (Models 8103, DFB 1404, DLR 1508)
  • Su Lee Endcutter
  • Silver Star Steam Irons
  • Spray Gun (Models Red Arrow YH-170, CM-11)
  • NR and Yao Han/Megatex Blagclosers
  • We are also the official Philippine distributor of KOBAN Japan-made, high quality Rotating Hooks

We also have the following machine accessories:

  • Led light OBEIS brand
  • Shirring attachments
  • Thread nippers, rippers, drills, tape measure
  • Bearing

Please call us to inquire for availability of spare parts and other items. Please provide the brand and model of the machine so that we can more effectively find the spare parts you need.